This is the Life! Boot Camp • July 18-20

This is the Life! Boot Camp

July 18 – 20

For Staff New to Boarding School

This program offers an inspiring introduction to working on a boarding school campus, from the personal (privacy, connection, boundaries and balance) to the professional (the legal and policy issues of supervising minors). A perfect launching pad whether you’ll spend most of your time in the classroom, on the field, behind a desk, on the road, in the dorm – or all of the above! 

A Sampling of Topics:

  • Myths & Realities
  • Serving as an Adult in a Kid’s World
  • Communication
  • Professional Development
  • Boundaries
  • Finding the Balance – Quality of Life & Mind
  • Crisis Management
  • Introduction to legal issues

Ten times better than expected–get people here.

Alison Dowey, Blair Academy

“This conference provided me the opportunity to work through real life scenarios with like-minded colleagues who showed valuable and practical skills applicable to a variety of situations and positions”

Sarah Bylsma, Ridley College

“The small group sessions and problem- solving opportunities were excellent. I walked away feeling more confident in my abilities to deal with real issues at boarding school.”

Meredith Finch, Tabor Academy

“This training was a wonderful introduction to a culture of which I was not familiar. I feel informed and better prepared for my immersion into boarding school life.”

Michael Amato, Christ School

“Great! Every boarding school teacher/ employee should be required to attend Boot Camp.”

Joseph Odell, Forman School

“Even as a veteran teacher, this workshop provided me with new and unique perspectives on being an educator in a boarding school community. The faculty is amazing, all knowledgeable with a true enthusiasm for boarding schools.”

Nick Luhm, Christ School

Schedule subject to change

*The information provided in this workshop is for general information purposes only and should not be used as, or relied upon in place of, legal advice. Schools should work with their own attorneys for specific legal counsel regarding their circumstances and issues. 

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